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Bulk SMS software send massive messages to different mobile phones from PC

Data Adaugarii: July 17, 2012 12:03:53 PM
Autor: data recovery
Categorie: Divertisment
Advanced text message sender utility helps user to compose group sms and send it to different user location without delay. Great bulk sms application has capability connect national and international user within few limited time duration. Bulk, SMS, software, sends, group, messages, national, international, customers, network, connection, gateway, massive, text, transfer, utility http://www.prodatadoctor.net Powerful group text message transfer utility provides facility to send bulk of sms from one user location to another user location without delay and interruption. Genuine text sms sender software facilitates customers to communicate with user group without using any network connection and also not needed gateway of sms. Reliable bulk sms application gives advantages to transfer large amount of messages without interruption and data loss. Fully professional mass messaging tool allows user to send group of sms in the form of job alert, business news, manufacturing goods details, invitation etc. instant messages transfer software provide facility to connect with countrywide and worldwide customers for healthy conversation. Wonderful bulk sms application is useful for those business professionals who regularly travels and want to contact with their clients for market updates. Great text SMS tool offers customers to compose collection of messages and send it to group of user at the same time without using network connection or sms gateway. Versatile bulk SMS software conveys unlimited text messages from computer to different cellular phone within few seconds. Convenient massive message transfer utility helps user to send bulk sms and generate standard notification of about sent or delivered messages. Features:  Bulk SMS software composes instant messages using Unicode language and sends it to group of user quickly.  Text messaging tool does not require special technical knowledge install and use application.  Provide facility to communicate with far user without interruption and data loss risk.  Facilitates customers to send unlimited text messages from PC to user cell phone uisng minimal time.  Bulk SMS utility has capability to transfer heavy messages from one place to another without delay. About Author www.prodatadoctor.net is top class software development organization facilitates user to communicate with group of user at the same time. Company’s key goal is to support user by providing appropriate solution. For more details Company name - Data recovery Email ID - demre@prodatadoctor.net Website - http://www.prodatadoctor.net


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